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Custom Printed Mailing Bags
Morgan Chaney offers paper mailing bags made from paper or plastic. These mailing bags are being used by major, well recognized businesses shipping consumer and industrial goods everywhere.

Paper Mailing Bags:

  • white outside and natural color inside (natural inside and outside for our reinforced mailers)
  • produced from recycled paper and are 100% recyclable
  • mailing bags are offered in flat & gusseted styles
  • peel and stick closures make them fast to load and send 
  • puncture and tear resistant
  • provides an earth friendly, cost-efficient solution
  • mailing bags can be custom printed with your logo and graphics
  • If you require even stronger bags, we offer our mailing bags with embedded, criss-crossed fiberglass strands for extra protection.

Plastic Mailing Bags (with our without bubble cushioning):

  • made from strong co-extruded plastic material
  • weatherproof and tear resistant for durability
  • easy to use, just peel and stick the closure flap...easy to mail
  • tamper evident seals are available
  • up to 6 color printing is available

Whether you are in need of a rugged, durable mailing envelope for catalogs or promotional flyers, or a secure, tamper evident mailing bag for valuable products, our mailing products will meet your needs.

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes
Corrugated shipping boxes are the time tested method for shipping soft goods, industral products and equipment, electronics, jewelry and almost any other item you want to ship.

  • white or brown kraft corrugated box materials
  • custom printing directly on to the board or we can laminate more high end printing to the corrugated for higher quality print resolutions
  • various thicknesses and strengths of corrugated board adapted to your particular requirements
  • construction styles range from the standard 4 flap RSC shippers to more sophisticated one piece mailers and auto lock assemblies

Custom Printed Shipping Tape

  • clear, white and brown tapes are available
  • custom prints available from simple 1 color logos to our newest item - "PhotoTape" 
  • PhotoTape allows for full photographic reproduction of any photo or multi-color picture along with your corporate branding 

Custom printed shipping tape is a terrific branding option to consider if your business can't meet the minimum quantity for custom printed boxes. If it is used in conjuction with printed shipping boxes, you get even more corporate advertising aimed at reinforcing your customer's purchasing decision.

Contact Morgan Chaney for more information about any of our custom printed packaging programs.