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Custom Food Service Packaging

“Popular businesses remind their customers of where to go when they want great food with packaging programs that are graphically memorable.”

Morgan Chaney offers restaurants, bakeries, and other foodservice businesses complete custom printed packaging.

Customers may try a restaurant for its low price or for their wonderful reputation, but they return because of the emotional connection that was created during their visit along with the subtle reminders of their experience.  Subtle reminders that come from a restaurant’s customized packaging, a chic to-go bag or take out box can spark a customer’s positive memory of your food and service. 

Why custom food service packaging is important:

According to a well-known author in the restaurant industry, Maggie Moulatsiotis, a business owner’s first step to sharing what their restaurant has to offer customers is the communication of their brand and connecting with consumers. Moulatsiotis states that before properly creating custom food service packaging, “Business owners must ask themselves this question: What does my restaurant represent?”  Great examples of a restaurant’s theme or concept are; family friendly, heritage, fine dining or hip and modern. Morgan Chaney works with you to create packaging that best proclaims your business’s personality and mission.

Restaurant and food service packaging is available plain or customized. Pick your preferred style, color, handle, material and size to create the type of custom food service packaging that fits your requirements. Next, we print your customized brand, logo or design on any packaging you need: takeout bags made from plastic or paper, custom drink coasters, custom to go boxes, napkins, menu covers, printed cups and more. It's everything you need to remind take-out or dine-in customers about your restaurant!

Here are a few popular items of custom food service packaging. Click for more information and product examples:

  • Plastic restaurant carry out bags
  • Printed paper shopping bags
  • Corrugated gable boxes
  • Bakery boxes with window
  • Food service tissue paper
  • Bakery boxes
  • Twin lock take out boxes
  • Fluted clamshell take out boxes
  • Catering trays
  • Pop-up catering trays
  • Soup –n- serve
  • Beverage on the move
  • Thermogrips cups and lids
  • Eco coffee clutch
  • Four cups drink carrier
  • Candy bags
  • Bakery cake pads