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Custom Jewelry Boxes

Custom jewelry boxes
are vital packaging pieces that serve a practical purpose and present an opportunity to communicate to your customers the essence of your store, your brand, your service, and most importantly, your elegant pieces of jewelry.

At Morgan Chaney, we believe that custom jewelry boxes can do so much more than put the finishing touch on a lavish gesture. By taking the extra step and creating custom jewelry boxes for your business, you are adding a personalization to your customer’s luxurious gifts. It is an ideal method of communicating the experience of your business, your brand, and helping you build solid and lasting relationships with your clients.

Whether you’re looking for custom jewelry boxes that provide style and savings or custom jewelry boxes that are high end and luxurious, we design it all! In the end, every jewelry store has the same goal; to have unique custom jewelry boxes that leave a lasting impression. Let us help you create custom jewelry boxes that best fit your business’s personality and leave a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.

Above are three examples of custom jewelry boxes that Morgan Chaney has proudly helped to produce:

  • Featured in the first photograph is a collection of custom jewelry boxes made specifically for Sami’s Fine Jewelry. These boxes are custom hinged jewelry boxes and wrapped in special purple “pellaq paper”. Inside, these boxes have a satin puff jewelry pad that features a foil stamp of their logo. Along with this collection of custom jewelry boxes are coordinating packer boxes also wrapped in purple “pellaq cover paper”.

  • In the second photograph, there is a collection of custom jewelry boxes made specifically for Objects Fine Jewelry. These boxes are from our collection of in-stock cotton filled jewelry boxes and hot stamped with the Objects Fine Jewelry brand. Made from recycled paperboard, these custom jewelry boxes are one of our most economical choices for a business that still wants to elegantly show off the jewelry inside.

  • In the third photograph, there is a collection of custom jewelry boxes made completely custom in size and color for Ship Rock Santa Fe Fine Jewelry. These jewelry boxes are fully hand wrapped in cloth linen and have a padded top. The interior of the jewelry box is also wrapped in cloth linen and is screen printed with their logo in metallic copper ink. The corresponding packer boxes have a textured brown wrap and is also screen printed on the lid with the client’s logo. The Ship Rock Santa Fe Fine Jewelry boxes are exceptionally elegant, and simply one of a kind!

For your customers, their jewelry purchase often times marks a momentous event in their lives. Proper presentation adds value to your customers’ purchase, brings out the best in your jewelry and reinforces your image. Morgan Chaney provides experienced representatives that are available to help you customize an extensive selection of jewelry packaging solutions from ring boxes to necklace boxes. We make sure your custom jewelry boxes perfectly fit your business’s personality, as well as the elegant jewelry being placed inside.

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