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Custom Plastic Carryout Bags

Morgan Chaney’s custom plastic carryout bags are used by many businesses in the restaurant industry. Our programs give clients the opportunity to transform a classic plastic carryout bag into a functional piece of art that brands their business.

Custom printing options.

When you decide to custom print your plastic carryout bags you are taking the first step to giving your brand a lasting impression. Our plastic bags can be printed with a simple one color logo or sophisticated 4 color print process. In addition, Morgan Chaney’s design studio can assist you with any project to ensure your receive the custom plastic carryout bags you desire.

At Morgan Chaney, we provide business owners with endless ways to design and create a custom plastic carryout bag that best fits your needs. Our custom plastic carryout bags are sized to accommodate food packaging. From larger square bottom bags to accommodate the bigger clamshell and larger takeout containers, to reduced size bags to perfectly carry smaller items. In addition to custom designing your desired size and color, here are a few things to consider while you create your custom plastic carryout bag program.

Custom plastic carryout bag handle options:

  • Die-cut oval handled plastic bags
  • Patch handle shopping bags
  • Draw tape or draw cord plastic bags
  • Wave top bags with handle hole carriers
  • Clipped loop plastic shopping bags
  • Soft loop handled plastic shopping bags
  • Tri-fold flat band handles strap handles
  • Plastic eurototes with rope handles
  • T-shirt style plastic bags
  • Thick-thin plastic bags

Custom plastic carryout bag materials:

  • Low-density polyethylene plastic bags
  • High-density polyethylene plastic bags
  • Polypropylene bags
  • Various plastic blends for specific applications 

Green options for custom plastic carryout bags: We also have the ability to incorporate any percentage of recycled material into your custom plastic carryout bags. Whether you are trying to leave a smaller carbon footprint on this earth or meeting state recycling ordinances, we understand the importance of meeting your desired percentage!

  • Industry leading biodegradable additives
  • Post-consumer recycled plastic materials
  • Post-industrial recycled plastic materials
  • Usage of water based inks for custom printing

 Morgan Chaney can custom print your packaging to promote your restaurant across a broad spectrum of products including restaurant carryout plastic bags, paper bags, paper cups, sandwich wraps, drink coasters, tray liners and more.

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