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Printed E-Commerce Packaging

When it comes to printed e-commerce packaging, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is a basic shipping box, plain envelope, and when necessary, fluffy bubble wrap. Morgan Chaney is here to break the chains of the ‘basic shipping supply’ stereotype and prove to the world once and for all, printed e-commerce packaging is much more than a plain box that simply “does the trick”. Whether you’re interested in easy e-commerce packaging that simply presents your logo, extravagant printing that brands your company or a mixture of both; we are here to tell you all about the world of printed e-commerce packaging. This way, you can appropriately identify what you want for your business!

Printed e-commerce packaging is growing popular among businesses who choose to brand the packaging they use every day when sending products to their customers. Customers take notice when their products come in the mail in a stylish, high-end corrugated shipping mailer, natural kraft corrugated tuck top mailer, or an eco-lite bubble cushioned mailers! As a business owner, you shouldn’t be forced to give up quality of packaging when it comes to shipping your merchandise to your customers. Morgan Chaney gives business owners the opportunity to custom print any type of e-commerce packaging that is listed below. 

Morgan Chaney's natural kraft corrugated tuck top mailers are a high-end, one piece mailer that features a self-locking design to ensure assembly without tape! This box is perfect for business owners because it ships flat to reduce shipping fees to your place of work, folds flat for storage and snaps together easily for fast set up. Morgan Chaney understands your time is valuable, this is why we highly recommend the kraft corrugated tuck top mailer that assembles in seconds!  The corrugated tuck top mailers are easily customized by simply adding a one color print of your business name, or printing a multi-color business logo. We love these tuck top mailers because they are manufactured with a white kraft or earthy brown natural kraft exterior. The white kraft exterior is a great feature for any business owner that wants to print bright, vibrant colors. The white exterior makes any color flourish, more than it would with a brown undercoat that comes from a basic shipping box. Truly, when it comes to custom printing a tuck top mailer, the options are endless!  

Another shipping container to consider is our natural kraft corrugated shipping box. This box is one piece and durable for shipping. Commonly known as a “standard shipping box” or “RSC” (regular slotted containers) style corrugated box, this shipping box naturally has a brown natural kraft interior and exterior, but can always be flooded with a customized color. The kraft shipping boxes are known for the strength and durability because of the high density corrugated cardboard it is manufactured from. The shipping boxes folds flat and are stored in bundles for convenience. This is a perfect shipping box for any business owner that is looking for a more economical and “earthy” feel. A stamp of a logo or business name would be a simple, stylish touch! 

Next, we have our eco-lite bubble cushioned mailers. These cushioned envelopes are an attractive tool for shipping smaller items or fragile merchandise. The cushioned mailer is surrounded with a blanket of air for superior protection (3/16" bubble height) then wrapped in a kraft paper. Items inside this mailer are well protected in this lightweight mailer. The wide self-sealing adhesive strip securely seals your items into the bubble cushioned mailer. It’s quick and easy, simply peel the strip back and let the sticky adhesive closure do the rest of the work for you! This eco-lite bubble cushioned mailer is one of the quick and easy e-commerce shipping supplies we have available. We encourage business owners to consider printing their brand or logo onto the eco-lite bubble cushioned mailers because they leave such a wonderful lasting impression of your company.

Before shipping out your merchandise be sure your items are safely secure in whichever shipping box or envelope you have chosen! To further secure your merchandise we make available other in-stock internal packing materials. Newsprint packing paper is a great packing tool that is inexpensive with approximately 1200 sheets per bundle. Another option is our bubble pack. Morgan Chaney offers two sizes of bubble pack that are perforated every 12" for easy tear off. Our bubble pack provides superior air retention and cushioning protection over non-barrier bubble.  Why risk potential damage to the merchandise inside? Spend the extra few dollars now to secure all items in your e-commerce packaging before it’s too late!  

Click here or call today to start your custom printed e-commerce packaging program! Custom printed e-commerce supplies are your solution to shipping your merchandise without having to give up quality branding. Your customers will take notice of your custom printed corrugated shipping mailers, natural kraft corrugated tuck top mailers, and eco-lite bubble cushioned mailers!