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  • Saucy Bombay

    12" x 13" x 10" Custom printed poly bag with black loop handles. Bag is imprinted with PMS 166 and reflex blue inks on both sides. 


    /content/image/90350/495/saucy-bombay.jpg Plastic Shopping Bags
  • Brother International

    18x18x4 Custom printed poly bag with die-cut handle. Bag is imprinted 4 Color Process on both sides.

    /content/image/82110/495/MC3-_-495-Slideshow-BrotherPoly.jpg Plastic Shopping Bags
  • 3 Amigos

    17" x 11" x 14" x 11"" Custom Printed poly bag with black clip loop handles and reinforced top and bottom boards. Bag is imprinted 4 colors on 2 sides.

    /content/image/90349/495/3amigobag.jpg Plastic Shopping Bags
  • Slifer Designs

    18x7x19x7" Custom printed poly shopping bag with red rope handles. 4 mil white low density poly film is imprinted 2 colors on 2 sides with pantone 186 and 877 inks.

    /content/image/97274/495/Carousel-PlasticShopper-Slifer.jpg Plastic Shopping Bags
  • Vintages

    High density frosted poly bags imprinted 1 color on 4 sides.

    /content/image/97275/495/Vintages-Frosted-Winebags.jpg Plastic Shopping Bags
  • Amistad Dental

    Custom Printed high-density frosted poly wave-top bags. Bag is hot stamped with gold foil on 2 sides.

    /content/image/97279/495/Carousel-PlasticShopper-AmistadDental.jpg Plastic Shopping Bags
  • Le Burger Brasserie

    13.25" x 9" x 14" x 9" Custom printed frosty bags with wide die-cut handle. Bag is imprinted 4 colors on all sides with red, white, blue and black inks.

    /content/image/6443/495/customPlastic04.jpg Plastic Shopping Bags
  • T.C Eggingtons

    Custom printed poly take-out bags printed 2 colors on 2 sides.

    /content/image/90169/495/tcegg-poly-takeout-bag.jpg Plastic Shopping Bags
  • Ute Mountaineer

    12" x 16" x 4"Custom Printed low density poly bag with drawcord handle. Bag is imprinted with PMS 533C Gree ink on both sides.

    /content/image/13721/495/customPlastic13.jpg Plastic Shopping Bags
  • Senor Murphy

    Custom Printed high density poly shopping bags bag with soft loop handle. Bag is imprinted 4 color process on both sides.

    /content/image/97280/495/Carousel-PlasticShopper-SenorM.jpg Plastic Shopping Bags

We offer custom printed plastic shopping bags in a wide choice of bag styles and handle options. Our plastic bag offering gives you the opportunity to promote your company or product utilizing a high quality, reusable bag. When you customize your plastic bags, you get to choose from all of our various manufacturing and printing options to make it is truly your own bag. Our capabilities are virtually's only up to your imagination as to how unique you want your logo printed plastic bags to be.

For those interested in "earth-friendly packaging", we can manufacture our plastic shopping bags with biodegradable additives that promote the bags to degrade in the appropriate environments. Many of our plastic shopping bags are made from 10-30% recycled plastic resins (or more). And furthermore, most are printed with water based inks reducing the amount of solvent based inks used in the industry. We also can supply bags that meet or exceed the minimum film gauge requirements of your local environmental code to be considered a reusable plastic bag.

Our plastic bags are widely utilized for retail store bags, golf and sporting good stores, restaurant carryout bags, bakery and catering carryout bags, museums, national parks, resorts, salons and spas, tradeshow bags and promotional giveaways. If you need industrial style plastic bags, we have those too! 

Plastic Bags - Handle Options:

  • die-cut oval handled plastic bags
  • patch handle shopping bags
  • draw tape or draw cord plastic bags
  • wave top bags with handle hole carriers
  • clipped loop shopping bags
  • soft loop handled plastic shopping bags
  • tri-fold flat band handles strap handles
  • plastic euro totes with rope handles
  • t-shirt style plastic bags
  • thick-thin plastic bags

Plastic Bag Materials:

  • low density polyethylene plastic bags
  • high density polyethylene plastic bags
  • polypropylene bags
  • various plastic blends for specific industrial applications

Green Options for Custom Plastic Bags:

  • industry leading biodegradable additives
  • post-consumer recycled plastic materials
  • post-industrial recycled plastic materials
  • usage of water based inks for all printing