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Custom printed paper & plastic shopping bags

Impress your retail customers with high-quality custom printed shopping bags made from paper or plastic materials. Custom shopping bags allow you to create a unique and memorable experience for your customers while providing a bag that is durable and convenient. Shopping bags can be made from many different materials according to your preferences including kraft paper, recycled paper, high density plastic, low density plastic, and frosted plastic. There is a variety of printing options available for you to customize your shopping bags with a logo, design, or additional information. You can choose your custom printed shopping bags based on the aesthetics you are looking for combined with your budget and desired quantities. Morgan Chaney’s helpful packaging consultants can help you navigate your options and choose the packaging that is best for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions regarding custom printed shopping bags and retail packaging. 

What types of shopping bags does Morgan Chaney custom print?

Morgan Chaney can custom print any type of shopping bag that you desire! We offer bags in various styles that range from extremely high-quality, to bags that are more moderately priced.

Types of shopping bags we offer:

  • Natural kraft paper shopping bags

  • White kraft paper shopping bags

  • Paper eurototes shopping bags with rope handles

  • High gloss paper shopping bags

  • Plastic frosted eurototes shopping bags

  • Frosted soft loop plastic shopping bags

Techniques for custom printing shopping bags

Morgan Chaney provides many techniques for custom printing a plastic or paper shopping bag with your logo or design. Embossing and debossing is the process of creating a raised or lowered graphic image on the product. Flexographic printing is another great technique, it is the process of rotary printing utilizing flexible rubber plates attached to rotating cylinders that apply ink to the product. Next, gravure printing is the process of ink printing utilizing etched, metal cylinders. And last but not least, hot stamping utilizes foils to print bags, boxes and other products which are applied with metal plates and heat. Hot stamping is a technique that Morgan Chaney performs in-house when possible. We have the ability to print endless amounts of customized ink colors and we typically use water based inks.

Eco-friendly options:

Morgan Chaney is aware of the current local environmental ordinances and future ordinances that are developing across the United States. Whether the shopping bag that you are interested in is paper or plastic, we are able to meet any local ordinance that you face. We can assist you in creating your desired custom packaging in compliance with your local environmental ordinances and regulations.

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