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Gift Wrapping Paper - Custom Gift Wrap – Logo Printed Utility Wrapping Paper

In-stock gift wrapping paper comes in a huge variety of styles and colors.
You’ll find many gift wrapping paper options to suit every taste and need when you view the gift wrapping paper selections from Morgan Chaney. Our inventory includes wrapping papers in a variety of colors and styles, along with coordinating gift boxes, tissue paper, paper shopping bags, ribbons, bows and much more. Whether you are offering an in store gift wrap service or wrapping corporate holiday gifts this year, we have the choices that can help you do so in style.

Our gift wrapping papers are available in 18”, 24” and 30” widths in 100’, 417’ and 833’ length rolls. We also offer gift wrapping paper dispensers and cutters.

Our gift wrapping paper and supplies include the following:

  • large variety of solid colors and designs
  • plain and embossed foil gift wrapping paper
  • hi gloss papers
  • matte finish gift wrapping paper
  • eco-friendly natural kraft based paper wraps
  • holiday designs
  • baby designs
  • masculine and feminine options
  • tissue paper
  • paper shred
  • ribbons
  • bows
  • gift boxes
  • enclosure cards
  • gift card holders

The many options listed above have one thing in common; they are all affordable and fashionable so you can present gifts in a very beautiful, stylish and classy way.

We’re all about helping you make your customers and the gift recipient happy in a fun and cost-efficient manner. We are also excited that you’ve come to Morgan Chaney to address your gift wrapping paper needs.

Custom Gift Wrap & Custom Logo Utility Wrapping Papers
If you see one of our gift wrapping papers and you would like to make it your own, you can do that. Using one of our existing designs, most any of our gift wraps can be custom colorized to your specifications with a minimum production run of approximately 25 full length rolls. And, if you want your logo printed on rolls of paper as a utility wrap, we do that too…usually on natural brown kraft paper and white kraft paper rolls.

Morgan Chaney is the one source for all of your custom printed and in-stock packaging requirements. Contact us for further information on any of our programs.