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Do you offer custom recycled bags as part of your green packaging efforts?

Custom recycled bags are a big part of our green packaging efforts. Both our paper bags and plastic bags are prime examples of the green products we offer. In addition to these recycled products we also offer reusable tote bags and biodegradable packaging products. And of course all of our products are available with the option of a custom logo printing.

Morgan Chaney is a proponent of green packaging and is proud to offer:

  • 100% recycled paper shopping bags
  • plastic bags with recycled plastic content
  • paper bags and plastic bags
  • biodegradable additives put into plastic bags
  • reusable tote bags
  • paperboard and corrugated boxes made from recycled paper
  • tissue paper (white and colors) made from recycled paper

If you're in the market for custom recycled bags or other products that will make the way you do business more environmentally conscious, we can help!

Green packaging is without question one of the most talked about areas of our industry. We're happy about that, as we enjoy providing numerous recycled products and biodegradable products to our customers. From custom recycled bags (both paper bags and plastic bags) to boxes and even reusable canvas tote bags, we are going the extra mile in making sure our products promote a healthier environment.

We are a prominent supplier of green packaging products including paper bags and plastic bags and both are a wonderful way to promote your company and your products in an environmentally sensitive way.