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    Restaurant Guy Savoy
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    Custom Printed Cups
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Morgan Chaney is your go to source for your "to go" restaurant and foodservice packaging supplies. We can custom print a unified, branded packaging program to promote your company across a broad spectrum of products including restaurant carryout plastic bags and paper bags, paper cups, sandwich wraps, drink coastsers, tray liners and a world of other products. Our graphics department can turn your thoughts into a reality by taking your logo and incorporating on to all products with a well thought out master plan. 

Printed Restaurant Carryout Bags
We offer special produts for restaurant takeout bags. These bags, regardless of whether they are paper of plastic bags, are sized to accomodate food packaging. The larger sqaure bottom bags have extremely large footprints to accomodate the bigger clamshell boxes and two piece lid and bottom takeout containers. We offer paper bags, with and without handles. Regarding plastic bags, there are various handle styles that range from inexpensive bags to carryout bags that make a statement for a higher priced takeout menu.

Printed Cups
How about printed cups for your restaurant? We offer paper cold cups, hot cups and plastic cups.  Need high performing printed kids cups with an almost non-detachable lid? We have those too. Or, you can also use printed sleeves for your unprinted hot drink cups.

Printed Tissue For Sandwich Wraps, Burger Wraps, Basket Liners And General Foodservice Use
Morgan Chaney has programs to offer you light weight, custom printed wax tissue or treated tissue paper with your logo on it starting with a low minimum of 25,000 sheets. We also supply restaurants who use millions of sheets per year. Our papers solve your issues whether it be a grease resistance, moisture resistance requirement or a combination of both. Tell us how you are going to use it and we can help you determine what will work best for your situation.

Custom Printed Restaurant Boxes
From the basic white and pink bakery boxes to more contemporary colors and graphically printed food boxes, we have your business in mind. If you need clamshelll boxes for your burgers, we have those. Need a handled gable box for putting together a lunchtime catered meal? Yes, we have those also...and in a huge selection of unique designs and colors. There are certain quantities needed to produce totally custom boxes with your logo but we do have "semi-custom" box programs that work well for many customers.

Environmentally Friendly Issues Addressed
All of our products have earth friendly aspects in regards to the materials they are made from. Our professionals at Morgan Chaney can discuss the merits of each packaging product and give you advice on how best to address the current legal requrirements of your local municipalities.

Morgan Chaney is the friendliest and most knowledgeable source to help you put a restaurant packaging program together. Use our Request Form and start today.