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About paper bag design:


Morgan Chaney paper bags come in a wide variety of types, sizes, color options, and paper qualities. At base, our custom printed paper shopping bags feature kraft paper, including twisted paper handles. However, we can accommodate nearly any vision you may have for your packaging.

Material options.

  • Paper types: We offer a variety of natural kraft, white kraft, and tinted options for our paper shopping bags. Natural kraft paper is unbleached and provides a warm, organic feel. White kraft paper is bleached to a brilliant white. Both natural and white kraft can be tinted a wide variety of colors to suit your brand.
  • Paper weights: Paper shopping bags come in a variety of paper weights ranging from lightweight – like you’d see in a grocery store bag – to heavyweight bags you may see at luxury retailers. Our packaging specialists can help source bags according to your custom packaging needs.
  • Recycled papers: Many of our paper options are made from papers that are 100% recycled (typically including a minimum 40% post-consumer recycled material). Our products adhere to location-based environmental requirements on packaging materials.

Printing options.

We offer a wide variety of printing options depending on the scale of your project, including flexographic, foil stamping, silk screening, and digital print. Visit our blog for more information on types of printing.

In terms of logo and design transfer, our printers can accommodate anything from a simple design up to six Pantone colors, and four-color process printing as well. We can also create bags that use full color via digital printing.


Print Coverage

Simple Coverage:
Logos and images printed on the front or back of a paper shopping bag.

Four Side Coverage:
Logos and images printed on the face, back, and side gussets of the bag.

Full Coverage:
Logos and images printed over the entirety of the bag.


Color-Coordinated Handles

Fold-Over Finished Tops

QR Code

Paper shopping bags can be upgraded for more custom and unique appearances. Options like color-coordinated handles, fold-over edge tops (as opposed to the standard serrated top.) Additions like QR codes can enhance your customer’s brand experience by bringing it online for more information and interaction, too.


Brands looking for smaller order quantities or faster production times love Morgan Chaney's SEMI-CUSTOM PACKAGING™ This service allows you to select from a variety of in-stock bags, boxes, and more - then we’ll add your logo and branding using our in-house foil, ink, or digital printing.

For more information on our Semi-Custom Packaging™ options, view our galleries.

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How To Measure Your Bags

Measuring bags is W x D x H.
(W) Width: With the bag standing to face you, measure the bottom of the bag from left to right. (D) Depth: Measure from front to back. (H) Height: Measure from the bottom to the top of the bag, not including the handles.

How to Order

Dream It

Select the style, dimensions, and materials you want based on your packaging and branding needs. Then, work with our packaging specialists and graphics team to create the perfect design for your brand.

Get It

After your design’s given a twice-over by our quality assurance process, we’ll move forward with production. All you have to do is sit back and wait for delivery while we work our packaging magic ?

Love It

Impress everyone with custom packaging that's uniquely crafted by us to perfectly showcase your product, tie together your brand visuals, and leave a lasting impression on your clients or customers.

A quick word on our packaging specialists, by the way – since 1955, we’ve prided ourselves on providing white glove service to thousands of brands looking for custom packaging solutions. No matter how complex the request, our packaging specialists are here to act as expert guides through your entire project.



Use this form to get in touch with one of our packaging specialists. They'll listen to your packaging needs, and help you design a box to perfectly suit your product.

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Printing FAQ

Q. What are the different types of printing available for paper shopping bags?

A. There are several types of printing methods for paper bags, including foil printing, digital printing, offset printing, flexographic printing, and silk screen printing. Each method has its advantages, such as cost-effectiveness, color accuracy, and suitability for various design requirements.

Q. What is SEMI-CUSTOM PACKAGING™ printing, and can I choose it for my paper shopping bags?

A. Our SEMI-CUSTOM PACKAGING™ program allows us to take Morgan Chaney's stock paper shopping bags and add your logo and branding via foil, ink, or digital printing. It's a good way to get quick, smaller order sizes than some of our other print offerings, though it does limit some of the customization options we have available as well.

Q. What are the advantages of flexographic printing for paper bags?

A. Flexographic printing is cost-effective and produces clean and sharp graphics. It's suitable for both low and high volume orders and is often used for logos and text-based designs.

Q. Why would you add a QR code to a paper shopping bag?

A. Adding a QR code allows you to direct your customers to a website, extending your customer's interaction time with your brand and providing them with additional educational or promotional materials about your business and product. It's a great way to keep customers engaged and get them to interact with your brand online.

Q. When is silk screen printing a good choice for paper bags?

A. Silk screen printing is versatile and works well on various materials, including paper bags. It's excellent for producing bold and durable designs with vibrant colors, making it suitable for eye-catching artwork and illustrations.

Q. Can Morgan Chaney help me design my paper shopping bags?

A. Absolutely. Since 1955, our packaging specialists and design team have helped thousands of brands design packaging materials. With combined decades of experience in the packaging industry, we'll guide you through the world of packaging materials and branding options to a final result you'll love.

Q. How can I make my paper bags environmentally friendly in their design?

A. Speak to our packaging experts about helping with environmentally-friendly packaging. We have environmentally-friendly materials and processes that are more eco-friendly than other packaging products.

Q. How can well-designed paper bags benefit my brand?

A. Well-designed paper bags can benefit your brand by enhancing visibility, reinforcing brand identity, and leaving a positive and memorable impression on clients and partners. They also serve as marketing tools that convey your brand's excellence and commitment to quality.

Typical Lead Times

Minimum Order Information

Semi-Custom Printed Paper Shopping Bags
Minimum Order Quantity: 500
What is semi-custom packaging?

Custom Printed Paper Shopping Bags
Minimum Order Quantity: 5000
Budget: $2000+