Drawstring Pouch Bags

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Drawstring Pouch Bags

Drawstring Pouch Bags - Jute, Organza, Velvet, Suede, Satin

Drawstring fabric pouches are a unique way to package retail items, accessories, party favors, and much more. We offer a variety of ready to ship pouch bags in different materials and color options to help you package your gift and retail items.

Our jute pouches are made from natural jute fiber and include double-knotted drawstring closure. Available in four beautiful and unique colors with matching drawstrings. Sheer organza pouches have drawstring ribbon closure and are lightly tinted for maximum aesthetic effect. Organza bags are perfect for special occasion favors, luxury gift items, wine bottles, candy, and more. We have organza pouches in over 25 colors and multiple sizes ranging from tiny to large enough for wine bottles or candles.

We also have luxurious faux suede and velvet pouches, 100% natural cotton pouches, and unique paw print design pouches. Many of our pouches are perfect for jewelry, perfume, and small gift items. Larger sized pouches can be used for candles, wine bottles, and gourmet food. These delicate bags are available in a wide variety of colors with matching ribbon closure.

Clothing, gift, and food retailers can benefit from these multi-purpose drawstring pouches and bags that are available in many sizes, colors, and material options. You can easily find a pouch bag that fits your style and as a bonus your customer or gift recipient can reuse the bag!

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