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Recycled Paper Shopping Bags

We can custom print natural kraft shopping bags made from 10% up to and including 100% PCR content. If you want state of the art, we have 100% natural fiber recycled papers containing approximately 10% of any one of the following; banana, coffee or lemon fibers plus 60% PCR (Post Consumer Recyled) and 30% PIR (Post Industrial Recyled) material! Soy and water based inks are available and cotton handles can be used for rope handled bags.

Recylced and Biodegradable Plastic Bags

We currently have bags made with different contents of PCR and PIR materials, usually up to 30% total. In larger quantities, higher percentages are available. New! An additive that makes plastic bags biodegradable, compostable and recyclable is now available. The bags will degrade in a landfill, water or if littered. And, unlike previous additives, these bags will not prematurely degrade while in storage before their use. The use of water based inks makes for a very environmentally friendly program.

Reusable Tote Bags

A full line of custom printed organic cotton, canvas, non-woven pp (polypropylene), woven pp and recycled P.E.T. (water bottle) bags can be utilized to advertise your business.

Tissue Paper

We offer custom printed tissue paper which is now imprinted using soy inks. In addition, most of our tissue paper contains 10% PCR and up to 65% PIR material depending on the color. All tissue paper can be printed in as little as 10 reams.


Most custom printed boxes made of newsback or kraftback board are available with up to 100% recycled content which is broken down to 75-80% PCR and 20-25% PIR. Solid bleached sulfate board (SBS) is not available in recycled material and is 100% virgin board to comply with FDA food regulations and applications. Water based inks and varnishes are used for printing in most instances.


We offer printed paper napkins containing 30% PCR and 70% PIR for a 100% total recycled content.


We offer printing on a 100% cotton twill or a 100% cotton fused fiber ribbons.

Utilize Our Professional Staff:

We have a variety packaging products that offer you different ways to become environmentally friendly and to "go green".

You can ask us for accurate and timely environmental information on how to "green-up" your packaging and we will deliver. Our highly skilled account representatives are constantly training and being updated on the most significant advances and product offerings in our industry.

Our company has a leadership position in green packaging and we plan on keeping it. Although there are no perfect solutions, there are better options than others, and we have them. Give us a call.

Please Note: Material availability is constantly changing and improving. Please contact us for current recycled information on any of our products or items you don't see listed.


(PCR) Post-Consumer Recycled Material Back to the top of page

This is any material that was used and discarded by a consumer or business and captured before going to a landfill. This material is then recycled for use into a new product. It's what you take to the recycling center or put into a recycling program container for pickup.

A product label might indicate how much post-consumer recycled content the product contains. Usually it is stated by a percentage. Paper, corrugated boxes, plastic, steel, glass and rubber are among post-consumer discards that get recycled into such things as bags, boxes, insulation, park benches, milk bottles, etc.

(PIR) Post-Industrial Recycled Material Back to the top of page

This is excess, scrap or trim material that has been recovered by a factory during and after the manufacturing process but did not enter into the consumer stream.