Company History

Morgan Chaney, LLC is 100% owned by The Reuben Schneider Co., a privately held corporation that was established in 1955. It has been under the same ownership for over 63 years.

We are the nation's premier, custom printed specialty packaging design and supply company and have experienced significant, continuous growth throughout our history. We owe it to our loyal customer base, supportive vendor partners and our great employees.

Why Choose Morgan Chaney

Our clients constantly comment about how easy it is to get helpful information. Every time you contact Morgan Chaney, you will be pleasantly surprised by the knowledge and friendliness of our staff.

Customers are also impressed by the questions we ask and the time we give them. That’s because we are eager to know about their business and what it is they want to accomplish. The more we understand your goals, the better able we are to provide you with just the right products. You may think you know what you want but, you may not know everything that is available. That's our job.

A well planned custom printed packaging program can project quality, increase sales, solve problems, instill pride and powerfully represent your business.

Regardless of your type of business, we welcome all industry opportunities where our strengths can be utilized to help customers solve packaging problems and create Packaging That People Notice®.  We are the one source for all of your custom printed packaging and related product needs. Retailers, restaurants, resorts, spas, salons, cosmetic companies and manufacturers are just a few who look to us for creative solutions for their packaging requirements. 

Morgan Chaney provides creative packaging ideas and products to thousands of leading businesses.  One call, one company, gets it done. Isn't that what you want?

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Joe Schneider
Morgan Chaney, LLC