Tamper Evident Takeout Boxes

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Tamper Evident Takeout Boxes

Tamper Evident Food Takeout Boxes - Offer Safe Delivery for your Food Items

Our tamper evident takeout boxes ensure that your food will arrive safely at its destination. These boxes have locking tab closure that can’t be opened without apparent damage to the tear strip. If you are concerned about keeping your food items safe for takeout or delivery, these boxes can help give you and customers peace of mind.

These eco-friendly boxes are made with recycled material and are recyclable and biodegradable (non-window version). They are available with or without a top clear poly view window. Optional pop-out venting holes allow steam to release, keeping crispy or fried foods from getting soggy. These boxes are also made in the USA. Keep your restaurant’s food safe and secure with these tamper evident locking takeout boxes!

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