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At Morgan Chaney, we offer custom printed plastic bags to many different businesses including retailers, restaurants, e-commerce businesses, and catering companies. As a leading provider of custom printed retail packaging, we are pleased to offer our customers a variety of plastic bag options including custom printed shopping bags, eurototes, merchandise bags, and food takeout bags.

Businesses use custom printed packaging to help their customers remember their brand and products better, while also providing them with a useful packaging tool. Custom printed plastic bags are a great way to advertise and promote your brand name to your customers. Our custom printed plastic bags are an extremely effective marketing aid for your business and help to promote a strong and memorable brand image.

Many plastic shopping and takeout bags can be reused by your customers, allowing your marketing reach to spread even further. Plastic bags can be a great choice for your business based on their low prices and high level of quality, along with eco-friendly capabilities. Custom printed plastic bags can provide your business with functional and stylish packaging for a great price and value.

Among our custom plastic bag options we offer plastic shopping bags, eurototes with rope handles, flat plastic merchandise bagsplastic takeout bags with wide bottom gussets, and other creative bag styles. There are endless options of material choices, handle options, and printing options, that allow you to create plastic bags that are unique to your business. Some of the handle options for plastic bags including die-cut handles, patch handles, loop handles, or no handles. For larger items or takeout food boxes, wide bottoms and side gussets can allow your bags more flexibility, and stronger plastic materials can be used for heavier items.

You can custom print your plastic bags using ink printing, digital printing methods, and even foil hot-stamping. You can customize your plastic bags with your exact PMS colors and designs that match your brand image and logo. Plastic bags can be printed with any design from a simple logo to sophisticated four-color process graphics.


We are proud to count our custom printed plastic bags among our earth-friendly product offerings. For companies that are interested in earth-friendly packaging, we can manufacture our plastic shopping bags with biodegradable additives that promote the bags to degrade in the appropriate environments. Many of our plastic shopping bags are made from recycled plastic materials and most are printed with water based inks, reducing the amount of solvent based inks used in the industry.

We also can supply bags that meet or exceed the minimum film gauge requirements of your local environmental code to be considered a reusable plastic bag. Plastic bags made with thicker and more durable plastic can be reused many times without breaking, allowing them to become a reusable packaging item. Let us know about your environmental plastic bag requirements and we can help you create plastic bags that are just what you need.

We offer printed packaging programs utilizing plastic shopping bags of all types that put your company's name front and center in direct perspective of your customers. There are a variety of ways you can upgrade your printed plastic bags while addressing your marketing needs in the process. We also offer in-house graphic design and art services with your custom packaging order to ensure your design prints beautifully onto your packaging. Contact us today to get started on your custom printed plastic bag project.