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Custom Printed  and Semi-Custom Printed Paper Shopping Bags

Custom Printed
Paper Shopping Bags

Custom Printed Paper Eurotote Shopping Bags

Custom Printed
Paper Eurotote Shopping Bags

Custom Printed Paper Takeout Bags

Custom Printed
Paper Take-Out Food Bags

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Custom Printed Flat Paper Merchandise Bags

Custom Printed
Flat Paper Merchandise Bags


Custom printed paper bags are a staple for businesses all over the world. Because paper is an eco-friendly renewable resource, it is widely used for retail shopping bags, food service bags, and more. We offer custom paper bags in a huge range of sizes, styles, and printing options.

Here are just some of the types of custom printed paper bags that we can produce:

Custom Paper Bags are a great way to brand your business

Custom paper bags are an extension of your branding that lasts long after a customer leaves your store or restaurant. With recent increases in social media sharing, reviews, and reusing of bags, your paper bags can gain free exposure through your customers. Custom printing your paper bags is a great way give your brand a lasting impression.

A uniquely branded shopping bag can be a point of pride for your customers. They may be excited to purchase from your store and carry out your beautiful branded retail shopping bag. They may share photos or videos featuring your custom bags on social media or Youtube. Branding is about more than just colors and logos, it is about the way you make your customers feel and connect with your business.

In the food service space, a branded paper takeout bag can be a great extension to your marketing. Remind customers where their delicious food came from, differentiate yourself from third party delivery services, and get noticed when customers carry your bag down the street. Foodies also love to share photos of their takeout on social media, where your custom bags may be seen by many more food enthusiasts.

Retailers, restaurants, gourmet food businesses, and many other business types can utilize custom printed paper bags to increase their marketing reach and promote a positive brand image. Paper bags are more than just a utility, they provide businesses with valuable marketing space. In fact, custom printed packaging is one of the most economical ways to promote your business!

Paper Bags are an eco-friendly and bag-ban friendly packaging option

Custom paper bags are an eco-friendly packaging item that can often be made with 100% recycled paper materials. Paper bags are usually recyclable and in many cases are reusable. Some paper materials are also compostable because they will break down in a composting environment. If you have city or state mandates regarding bags for your business, we can help find the right custom bags to fit your needs.

For those interested in environmentally friendly paper shopping bags, we can utilize printing on papers with high percentages of recycled content (up to and including 100% recycled paper bags) and FSC certified papers that can be printed with soy or water-based inks. We can customize your product options based on your needs for recyclability, reusability, and usage of recycled materials.

With the sharp increase in plastic bag bans and mandates on recycled packaging, paper bags are at the forefront of packaging options for many business types. Luckily there are many advantages to using paper bags, and there are endless options for customization.


When you custom design your paper bags through Morgan Chaney, the options are virtually limitless. Paper bags can range from inexpensive utility bags to luxurious heavyweight custom eurototes, and everything in between. Your paper bags can be custom printed in many ways ranging from simple one-color printing techniques to sophisticated, multi-color photographic designs. 

Paper bags can be custom printed using a variety of methods including ink printingfoil hot-stamping, and digital printing. Your designs can range from a simple one- or two-color print to a completely photo-realistic printed design. When you order custom paper bags you can choose multiple printing methods and you can print anywhere on your bags, including the insides or bottoms.

You can also choose many special finishes for paper bags including custom handles, laminated papers, and specialty material and color options. We offer various types of handles for our paper shopping bags and eurototes including twisted paper handles, flat handles, rope handles and unique materials such as leather or printed ribbon. Paper bags can be made from lightweight or heavyweight papers and gloss, matte, or textured laminations can be added.

At Morgan Chaney, we aim to provide the highest quality products at realistic prices for your budget. We are your one-stop source for custom printed paper bags along with all other types of retail and promotional packaging. The care, creativity, and attention to detail with which we approach our work is the key to our success and yours. We also offer in-house graphic services to assist in all facets of your artwork layout. Contact us today to learn more about custom printed paper bags and the options that are available to you.