Branded restaurant packaging helps remind your customers where their delicious food came from. Packaging is often featured in restaurant social media photos and reviews, serving as free advertisement for your business!

Complement your restaurant's delicious food offerings with branded packaging for takeout or dine-in. Custom print your takeout bags and boxes, food-safe tissue sheets, cups, coasters, napkins, and more with your logo or design.

Every custom packaging project is unique, and so is our pricing. 

Request a quote now and our packaging specialists will start working on options for your custom project!





    9.875 x 13" Custom printed food wrap sheets. 35# alternative off-set sheets imprinted 4 color process on 1 side.


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4 Steps to Branded Packaging Success

Step 01: Connect

Step 01: ConnectConnect with our professional advisors to begin your custom packaging project.

Step 02: Interact

Step 02: InteractWe will listen to your goals, answer questions, provide guidance, and make suggestions based on your needs.

Step 03: Order

Step 03: OrderOur team will present you with product options and visual renderings for your review and selection. Place your order with confidence and a clear vision of your packaging.

Step 04: Results

Step 04: ResultsEnjoy your new packaging and the enhanced branding for your business!

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Custom food service packaging can be a powerful marketing and branding tool for all types of restaurants and catering businesses. Custom printed packaging allows you to personalize the experience and provide a memorable first impression to new and potential customers. Subtle reminders that come from a restaurant’s customized packaging, a chic to-go bag, or takeout box can spark a customer’s positive memory of your food and service.

Every business desires to make a bold and memorable impression on their customers, and custom printed packaging is a great way for restaurants to achieve that. Whether your restaurant is fast food, fast-casual, or fine dining, there are many custom packaging options available to help you enhance the dining experience for your customers.

Our talented packaging consultants at Morgan Chaney are here to assist you in developing and ordering custom restaurant and catering packaging that takes your individual needs into consideration. Whether you need custom takeout bags, takeout food boxes, napkins, coasters, menu covers, or food service tissue paper we can help you achieve the perfect packaging solutions for your business.

Custom packaging created for restaurants and other food service businesses must be designed and engineered for food items, which requires product knowledge and insight. We have the experience and tools to provide you with safe and effective food packaging that fits your business’s needs. If your packaging needs to be food-safe or FDA approved, we have the knowledge to source the right products and materials. We also have many eco-friendly and biodegradable custom packaging options for environmentally conscious businesses.

We also offer PFAS free food packaging options. PFAS chemicals are common in food service packaging because of their grease and moisture resistance. These chemicals can leach into food and beverages and are possibly dangerous for consumption. We have several PFAS free packaging options including printed food tissue, takeout boxes, and printed cups. Contact us for details on PFAS free packaging. 

When you order your restaurant packaging through Morgan Chaney, we can coordinate your complete custom packaging program including all of your custom items. If you need assistance with your logo or design, we offer in-house design services that can help you visualize your end products and make the most of your packaging’s print area.

We can manage your shipping and delivery logistics and manage your orders so that you can focus on running your business. Save time and stress by ordering your custom restaurant packaging from one company, Morgan Chaney, and enjoy the benefits of high-quality coordinated packaging.