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Morgan Chaney’s custom plastic bags feature various handle styles and other options for a sense of style and ease-of-use. Those looking for custom printed plastic shopping bags will find a lot to like at Morgan Chaney.

These are no ordinary plastic bags, they are shopping bags featuring stylish handle options that add to their great looks and make them easy to carry. We make them with patch handles, cotton draw cord closures, wave tops, oval cut-out handles, rigid plastic handles and many other choices. You’ll even get to choose from materials such as our “frosted” plastic bags, which offer a very popular semi-translucent look that customers love.

When you order custom merchandise bags from Morgan Chaney you can expect each and every aspect of the design, printing and shipping process to be handled with the utmost in professionalism. Since 1955, our custom retail bags have allowed businesses to increase their visibility and name recognition, and our reputation continues to grow. Our custom logo printed plastic bags are not only functional and stylish, they are also reusable bags that customers love. You’ve come to the right place for personalized plastic shopping bags!

Here are just a few of the things you should know about our plastic shopping bags:

  • Our bags are made from low density polyethylene plastic, hi-density polyethylene plastic and a variety of plastic blends
  • We do offer those interested in green packaging, bags made from a high content of recycled plastic material
  • Most of our logo printed plastic bags are printed using water-based inks
  • Handle options include die-cut oval handles, patch handles, draw tape, draw cords, soft loop handles, wave top handles, tri-fold flat band handles and euro tote rope handles

Residual advertising is a huge benefit of reusable plastic bags and when you print your business name and graphics on the bags, you get maximum exposure every time they get used.

There are many uses for your printed plastic bags, which is why so many business owners in a variety of industries are using them to promote their companies. When you work with Morgan Chaney the sky is the limit in terms of the details of your custom design. Our highly trained, creative team will work closely with you to produce a product that you’ll love the look and feel of. Most importantly, you’ll love how these custom shopping bags promote your business and add value to your company’s name.